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Committee Descriptions

Chapter Management Operations


The Executive Board
The Executive Board conducts the business affairs of the sorority in regularly scheduled or called meetings of the chapter and in monthly Executive Board meetings. The Executive Board also serves as the September Hostess Group.


Advisory Officer (formerly Legal Advisor)
This committee provides suggestions to the chapter and committees as it relates to business transactions and contracts.


Audit Committee
The Audit Committee reviews the chapter’s financial records on a quarterly basis for internal controls and weakness as defined by Grand Chapter.


Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee considers the financial needs of the chapter and its programs and develops an annual budget based upon the chapter’s needs and its resources. The committee continuously reviews the chapter’s finances and recommends budgetary adjustments to committee chairs to ensure  the chapter is financially solvent and in compliance with Grand Chapter.


Chaplain’s Council
The Chaplain’s Council provides spiritual guidance and encouragement to chapter members during periods of illness, hospitalization, bereavement and other circumstances deemed appropriate. As well the Chaplain’s Council conducts all spiritual components of chapter ceremonies and programs.


Elections Committee

The Elections Committee administers the chapter’s election process.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee presents a slate of eligible candidates for the election of chapter officers.


Presidents Council

The Presidents Council shall consist of past president of the Miami Alumnae Chapter.  These sorors shall assist the chapter president in forward movement of the chapter, build and maintain positive relationships with community business leaders, and preserve and share the accurate history of the chapter.


Program Planning and Development Committee
This committee conducts needs assessments and evaluates planned chapter activities which are designed to accomplish the mission of the Sorority's Five-Point Programmatic Program.


Property Acquisition and Management Committee
The Property Acquisition and Management Committee provide leadership in securing the funding for the acquisition of a “Delta” building through the development and implementation of an action plan. The committee works closely with DEHCI Foundation to develop and implement a plan of action to secure a building. Additionally, the committee will identify and secure venues based on the needs provided by committees.


Five-Point Programmatic Thrust

Economic Development Committee
The Economic Development Committee develops and implements strategies to empower sorors to improve their financial wellbeing, entrepreneurial skills, investments, and money management skills. Additionally, this committee engages the community in economic empowerment activities.


Educational Development Committee

May Week Committee
The May Week Committee plans and implements community educational activities which highlight opportunities and scholarly achievement, based on Delta's Educational Programmatic Program. The committee also fights illiteracy by participating in Delta's National Family Reading Program and providing reading activities for young children in selected settings (schools, libraries, malls, etc.).

Twelfth Grade Sub-Debutante Committee
The Twelfth Grade Sub-Debutante Committee plans and implements the annual Debutante Cotillion. In addition, this committee develops and provides educational, cultural and social enrichment activities for prospective debutantes.


Eleventh Grade Sub-Debutante Committee

The Eleventh Grade Sub-Debutante Committee plans and implements the annual Naming and Orita Ceremonies, as well as develops and provides educational, cultural and social enrichment activities for prospective debutantes.                                                                                                                                   


Tenth Grade Sub-Debutante Committee
The Tenth Grade Sub-Debutante Committee develops and provides educational, cultural and social enrichment activities for prospective debutantes. The main focus of this committee is family bonding and developing a family tree.                       


Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy
The Delta Academy Committee implements activities to enrich and enhance the educational experiences of young ladies in grades 6-9. It augments their scholarship in math, science, and technology, and prepares young ladies for full participation as leaders in the 21st century.


Delta Violets

The Delta Violets Committee is designed to mold, mentor and expose young girls in grades K to 5 to a variety of activities and cultural events that will build self-esteem and positive relationships.


International Awareness Committee
The International Awareness Committee promotes activities to develop a global awareness, understanding and outreach in implementing Delta's programs.


Physical and Mental Health Committee
The Physical and Mental Health Committee raises the consciousness of chapter members and the community regarding health issues and causes as it works to improve the health and well-being of sorors and the community in general.


Political Awareness and Involvement Committee
The Political Awareness and Involvement Committee promote political empowerment through involvement with social action policy issues that impact African Americans.


Founders Observance

Founders Day Committee
The Founders Day Committee initiates programs which honor Delta's Founders and inspire sorors to rededicate themselves to the ideals and purposes of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Governing Operational Standards

Protocol Committee
The Protocol Committee works to preserve sorority traditions and respectful observances which every Delta is expected to practice, including courtesies and proper decorum.


Rules Committee
The Rules Committee receives, evaluates, and recommends changes to the Chapter's Rules of Order and Policies and Procedures as deemed appropriate.  It also assures complete compliance with Grand Chapter's Constitution and Bylaws, and Robert’s Rules of Order.


Humanities Services

Arts and Letters Committee
The Arts and Letters Committee educates and stimulates interest in the humanities, such as the performing arts-music, dance, literary, drama, oratory and various other visual and cultural art forms. This committee recognizes persons and patrons of the arts.


The Deltaires provides musical talents to the chapter. They perform at appropriate chapter ceremonies and events upon request.


Membership Services

Membership Services Committee
The Membership Services Committee promotes reclamation of sorors, plan and implement activities for sisterhood month, plans and implements family oriented activities which promote a sense of chapter family togetherness. This committee also extends hospitality greetings to sorors during chapter meetings and courtesies to sorors for illness, retirement, bereavement, marriage, birth, and death.  As well this committee greets and welcomes visiting sorors, encourages, fosters attitudes and implements events and activities that create close bonds between the alumnae chapters and the collegiate chapters (under the Alumnae Collegiate Exchange Project). Additionally, the committee encourages and fosters attitudes, events and activities that build and support relationships among sorors in the spirit of true Delta sisterhood (under the Preserve And Sustain our Sisterhood project).


Public Image Relations

Heritage and Archives Committee
The Heritage and Archives Committee provide an organized method to research and maintain chapter documents and write an accurate history of the chapter. The committee maintains a current history book (including pictures, letters, news articles, awards and recognitions, and other important documents and written materials) to be available for inspection or exhibition at all times and foster appreciation of Miami Alumnae’s traditions and history.


Marketing, Publicity and Outreach Committee

The Marketing, Publicity and Outreach Committee will develop strategies to advertise chapter events, maintain a list of business contacts, and develop a plan of approach to re-populate chapter events.


Technology Committee

The Technology Committee recommends the infusion of technology as a tool/strategy in implementing the chapter’s programs. Members of this committee serve as trainers and consultants for the development of projects and Grand Chapter actions requiring technological skills. These members are also responsible for the support and maintenance of the chapter’s technology.


Scholarship and Awards Management

Scholarships and Awards Committee
The Scholarships and Awards Committee administer the chapter's scholarship program and coordinate the selection of qualified applicants. It plans and implements activities to recognize chapter members whose contributions maintain and expand the formal and informal commitments of the chapter. Additionally, the committee solicits funds for the United Negro College Fund and manages the activities of the Step Team. The Step Team trains for and participates in step competitions to raise funds for the chapter’s scholarship program.


Signature Scholarship Fundraising Events

Cooking Gents Committee
The Cooking Gents Committee promotes and presents a social event in which numerous distinguished men of South Florida prepare, cook and serve their favorite cuisine to guests. The proceeds generated by this event are earmarked for the chapter’s scholarship program.  This is one of the chapter’s signature scholarship fundraising events.

Jabberwock Committee
The Jabberwock Committee recognizes local talents in the performing arts (art, music, dance, drama, etc.) It plans and implements, a talent extravaganza, that is a cultural and scholarship fundraising event. This is one of the chapter’s signature scholarship fundraising events.

Poinsettia Gala Committee
The Poinsettia Gala Committee plans and implements the Poinsettia Ball, a well-known social event usually held during the month of December to coincide with the holiday season. This is one of the chapter’s signature scholarship fundraising events.


Miami Alumnae Chapter Groups

Delta Dears

Delta Dears plan and implements activities to share and care for senior members of the chapter in a personal and caring manner. Their function is to greet, meet, and eat to establish a bond of fellowship.


Hostess Groups (Monthly)
This group plans and coordinates monthly sisterly bonding activities prior to monthly chapter meetings, the breakfast, informational sessions, prepares the chapter meeting room, and welcome sorors to chapter meetings.

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